Monday, April 14, 2014

This little guy walked his broken down bicycle that is literally held together with duct tape to the Lighthouse Mission for help. He told Pastor Jim that he needs "a dad's help" to fix his bike. In a moment Blaise Chrzastek Lighthouse Missions Youth Director had his bike temporally fixed ... A day later it broke again- this time beyond repair. Fortunately someone had just donated a good used bicycle in his exact size that he was so-so blessed to receive... He has been riding his new "Jesus bike" as he calls it all over the neighborhood.- Praise God!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

At this weeks Lighthouse Missions "Kids Club" each child made their own Super-Hero cape! Lighthouse volunteers helped nearly 80 under-privileged & homeless children decorate their capes with bible verses & crosses. In the center it said "Jesus is my REAL super-hero". For many of these children this is the only time aside from school they can get out of the homeless shelter. Their lives are hard and full of a lot of sadness. To hear them laugh & sing to Jesus is music to our ears.. I'm sure it is sweet-sweet music to Gods ears as well.
This is a fun photo of Pastor Jim & his wife (on the left) posing with some 80+ children of the Lighthouse Missions "Kids Club" super heroes. The children made their own cape & decorated them with bible verses. In the center it said Jesus is my REAL super-hero. Each cape was hand cut by dedicated Lighthouse volunteers. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Today was a crazy busy day at the Lighthouse & we had almost no volunteers to help salvage nearly 10 skids of great canned food that a LI food organization was going to throw away. So P
astor Jim & his team prayed for help & God answered his prayer through the Corrections System. We were blessed with 16 hard working young men who are currently in prison. Pastor Jim shared lunch with them as well the gospel of Jesus. They were very interested in Jesus & had lots of questions that Pastor enthusiastically answered. When they get out of prison they want to volunteer at the mission and come to our daily bible study. I can't wait to see what God is going to do next!
In a few weeks the Lighthouse Missions "Kids Club" will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. We wanted to give each child a bible & cover along with a "Resurrection Basket" as pastor jim preferrers to call it rather then an Easter basket. Each is filled with all sorts of goodies along with various biblical items such as coloring books, bible tracts, etc. We need at least 80... Some creative Christian ladies just held a very cool fellowship party assembling some baskets in their basement. What a great idea & blessing. Thank you to everyone who is helping to bless these poor children.