Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sidewalk Chalk for Jesus?
While Lighthouse Mission volunteers unload the trucks of donated food and set it up to be given away to the hundreds waiting on line, Pastor Jim gives the children of waiting parents sidewalk chalk. Then he encourages the children to draw things from the Bible or about Jesus. 

It's so neat to watch a dirty & in some cases abandoned parking lot come to life with simple children's chalk drawings of Jesus.
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Helping Long Island's Elderly
When you show up for the first time at a Lighthouse Mission daily street outreach you will be saddened to see how long the line of hurting people is. Next you will see how many poor hungry children are also there & finally the elderly. So often, the elderly have to make hard choices such as either paying for fuel to heat their home, but medicines OR buy a little food.

Many times we discover they are freezing at home or slowly starving. In addition, the brief messages & prayer offered at each street outreach is the only Jesus they get to here and see. Lighthouse Mission has literally become a life line for these dear elderly people. 

Would you please consider helping us be the hands of Jesus to so many of Long islands elderly?
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Need for Fresh Produce
One of the things that Lighthouse Mission loves to give out is fresh fruits and vegetables. Sadly, we do not get very much donated & we don't have funds to purchase buy any.

Long Island children who come from poor homes are forced to eat low quality and highly processed unhealthy foods because they are cheaper to buy & there's is nothing else for them to eat.
This has a negative effect on them in many ways: low energy, ability to focus in school, mood swings, low self esteem, etc.

Please pray that God will open up an opportunity for Lighthouse Mission to get fresh fruits and vegetables to give to people that are in need right here on Long Island.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Please Consider Becoming a Monthly Supporter
I know its hard to believe but there are children who live right here on Long Island that go to bed hungry every night. What's even worse is that they have no idea who Jesus is. Would you please consider financially supporting Lighthouse Mission on a monthly basis so we can continue to share the gospel of Jesus & feed the poor each day right HERE on Long Island?
God bless you.

Here is a Paypal link to donate:

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Long Lines at Lighthouse Mission Outreaches
It never ceases to sadden me when I see long lines of hurting & hungry Americans line up each day at Lighthouse Mission food lines in hope of receiving a bag of groceries. Right above our heads a large American flag waves loud & proudly above. What has happened to this once mighty nation? I just heard that that some politicians running for office have 30+ million dollars to spend on campaign advertising. Seriously? If that is true, shame on them. Lighthouse Mission can't even get a single penny to help feed poor Americans every day. The really messed up part is that when the holidays come around guess who wants to show up to help hand out food (for a few short moments) with their camera people snapping zillions of photos? The good part is that when they see how much God accomplishes without their funding they always ask how we do so much. Our answer is: The God of the Bible is our provider. With Him ALL things are possible! Then you can rest easy knowing that Pastor Jim NEVER misses an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus with every news person, celebrity and yes, even politicians.

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